The National Institute of Health has approved federal funding for scientists to experiment with part human, part animal embryos, called chimeras. I know what your thinking: is this ethical and do these count as Pokemons? And the answer to both is: only on Tuesdays.

BUT before we raise our pitchforks and post quick moral judgments on social media, let’s ponder this: such embryos will launch our medical technology forward, giving us better cures for disease and even helping us to grow human organs in livestock suitable for transplants and college pranks.

The big rule the Feds are making on this type of research is that scientists can’t create primate chimeras. No human ape chimeras are allowed. Since humans and other apes are so similar, such chimeras could create a conscious ape which begs the question: what about the consciousness of pigs and cows?


I mean come on, has there ever been a Planet of the Cows movie?